Justice Technology Association Formed to Advocate for Direct-to-Consumer Justice Technology Companies


Justice Technology Association (JTA), a new non-profit trade association, has officially launched to serve as a common voice for entrepreneurs, legal consumers, investors and policymakers seeking to address the growing access to justice gap. JTA’s founding companies include Courtroom5, HelloDivorce, Easy Expunctions and People Clerk, all leaders in the direct-to-consumer Justice Tech sector.

“Navigating the legal system can be a complicated, expensive and, ultimately, frustrating process for many,” said Maya Markovich, executive director of JTA. “We’ve created JTA with the goal of empowering consumers by supporting leaders, businesses and initiatives focused on using technology to democratize consumer access to the legal system.” In addition to her role at JTA, Maya is the justice tech executive in residence at Village Capital and advisor to multiple high-growth startups dedicated to improving access to justice.

Specifically, JTA will drive a more accessible and equitable legal experience for consumers as it works to:

  • Define and highlight the role of Justice Technology as a cross-discipline, cross-functional bridge across technology sectors including legal tech, fintech, edtech, govtech and other industries that may contribute to increasing access to justice.
  • Establish, foster, and provide access to a centralized Justice Tech ecosystem and community network.
  • Act as a resource for investors and financial supporters exploring Justice Tech funding opportunities, such as direct investment or charitable contributions to support the delivery of legal services to underserved communities.
  • Amplify awareness of the growing Justice Tech sector and its active participants.
  • Present a collective voice to boost impact and advocate for regulatory reform that will increase access to legal services.
  • Encourage and provide approaches that reduce the disproportionate impact and inequitable distribution of legal services.
  • Tap into the opportunity to serve the reported 77 percent of unmet legal needs (World Justice Project Global Insights on Access to Justice 2019).

“After several frustrating experiences of my own with the civil court system, I co-founded Courtroom5, a digital- and artificial intelligence-based platform that provides resources for litigants appearing in civil court without a lawyer”, said Sonja Ebron, Courtroom5 CEO, and a founding member of JTA. “Since then, it has become even more apparent that more resources are needed to help individuals navigate the legal system. JTA will support the legal technology companies that can make that a reality.”

JTA seeks to drive social impact by harnessing a collective voice in support of regulatory reform; building inclusive, interdisciplinary teams; sharing reliable data; and using technology to automate, simplify and democratize access to legal services.

“The importance of a group like JTA at this time can’t be overstated,” said Nyra Jordan, Social Impact Investment Director with the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate & Social Impact, an innovation hub dedicated to investing in social enterprises that build scalable approaches to solve some of America’s most challenging problems. “We’re living in a time when there are more resources available than ever, but those resources aren’t accessible to the people who need them. Providing funding and support to solutions that support individuals who cannot afford a lawyer or feel confused navigating the courts is vital in making the legal system a fair and equitable one.”

JTA’s advisory board unites a broad range of disciplines that intersect with Justice Tech – from VCs and impact investors to top reform advocates, academic innovators, broadcast journalists, and tech leaders. JTA will host regular events for members and the public, deliver data-driven content on the space, advocate for regulatory reform, and act as connective tissue between all parts of the growing

direct-to-consumer ecosystem. For more information about Justice Technology Association, please visit: https://justicetechassociation.org/

About Justice Technology Association

Justice Technology Association empowers the consumer legal experience through technology for the public good. | www.justicetechassociation.org | info@justicetechassociation.org

About Courtroom5

Courtroom5 offers a low-cost AI-driven service that helps people represent themselves in complex civil cases. Users learn the litigation process, how to analyze the elements of claims and defenses, make good decisions on what to file at each step, find supporting legal authorities, and draft professional legal documents throughout their cases. | www.courtroom5.com | info@courtroom5.com

About HelloDivorce

Hello Divorce provides a pathway to a friendlier, simpler and less expensive divorce by combining software that makes it easy to complete and file complicated forms with access to a team of legal and financial experts who help resolve conflict between spouses with less stress and mess. | www.hellodivorce.com | hello@hellodivorce.com

About Easy Expunctions

Easy Expunctions creates a fast track to justice with guaranteed results, leveraging technology to assure our customers have a clear and cost-effective solution to clear criminal records. We seek to inform and empower people interacting with the criminal justice system, because we are a team that cares about our fellow human beings and believes in second chances. EasyExpunctions.com | press@easyexpunctions.com

About People Clerk

People Clerk empowers individuals to navigate small claims disputes in an easy and affordable way. Our web platform assists clients in preparing, filing, and serving their small claims lawsuits. We are a public benefit corporation dedicated to the belief that all people should have access to justice regardless of their social, economic, or cultural background. | peopleclerk.com |founders@peopleclerk.com

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