The university map of Legal Tech: who teaches it in the world

The role of university in the training of lawyers in the 21st century



In 2017, Michigan University’s Law School, and particularly Daniel W. Linna JR. (director of the Center for Legal Services Innovation -Legal RnD-), published the first innovation index of American Law Schools: Law School Innovation Index.

Although it’s not a ranking, it brings light on the legal teaching landscape of Law Schools, showing which are the universities that offer education in this field.

These are the most relevant projects:


In regard to Europe, it’s interesting to highlight some of the universities which are leading education in Legal Tech:


In Spain, some interesting projects started in the past years:

  • ESADE: “Rambla de la Innovación” (Fusion Point; Decision Lab; Fab Lab), Degree in Law & Track Law 4.0, Master IP/IT and on line Legal Tech grade (2019).
  • ICADE: Double Degree in Business Analysis and Business Analytics; and Law Innovation Center (CID-ICADE).
  • IE: Master in Legal Tech (2019).
  • CEU: Master in Legal Tech (2019).

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